Intellectual Property

Your Partner in All Things IP

Intellectual Property is the tool by which today’s companies capture the massive value attributed to their otherwise intangible assets.  Our approach to IP is simple.  It must fit together within the framework of your business.  IP isn’t a separate work area, it is steeped into the fabric of your company.  We help you leverage the IP, and package it in a way that enables your stakeholders to understand its value contribution and utilize it to deliver on their own commitments.

Intellectual Property Services

As your strategic partner, we transpose your business goals to the development of your patent portfolio.  Leveraging years of experience in the patent space, we help you develop a portfolio that can be utilized to give your business an edge in the market or provide a standalone value contribution.  

Our background allows us to assist with every aspect of the patent lifecycle, including patent preparation and prosecution; patentability, infringement, and validity opinions; freedom to operate (FTO); claim chart preparation and evidence of use (EoU); patent valuation and licensing; patent scouting and divestment; cross-border litigation strategy; and technical litigation counsel.  


The body of law governing Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) requires particular expertise in the nuances and cross-border implications of participating in and licensing of patents that are tied to international standardardization efforts.  We leverage our unique experience in this space in informing and aligning your IP strategy standardization policies.

We work collaboratively with your deal team to execute on time sensitive and critical IP diligence projects.  Our unique and diverse experience in every phase of the IP lifecycle allows us to efficiently identify and communicate the value and potential issues with IP in a given transaction.   

Few private practice attorneys have held roles leading multi-national deal teams on IP deals valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Even fewer have a technical background, years or experience in both IP procurement and litigation, and an active business-centric licensing practice.   If you are engaged in or planning a licensing campaign, or are faced with a licensing demand letter, we can provide pragmatic and business-centric counsel that is aligned with your objectives – rather escalating legal conflicts.

Disruptive technology requires an ecosystem – and an ecosystem typically requires a collaboration effort.  Whether it’s through joint development or standardization, we assist you in structuring and analyzing the legal framework for the ecosystem, so that legal is a clear foundation rather than a future stumbling block.

Trademarks are central to your brand’s protection, and we know how valuable your brand can be in differentiating your products and services.  We work with you to develop a trademark filing and enforcement strategy that aligns with your brand, starting with name clearances through trademark registration, monitoring, and enforcement.

With the implementation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act and obstacles facing the utility patent system in the U.S., it has never been more critical to define your trade secrets strategy.  We help you set the guidelines so that your team can properly make an informed decision, and work with you to implement the necessary safeguards for your trade secrets so that they are properly protected and enforceable.

Design rights have become an extremely powerful, yet underutilized, tool in the IP space due to simpler and more effective enforcement mechanisms and monetary remedies that are not typically available for corresponding utility patents.  We help you develop and execute your design strategy by procuring design patents or advising you on trade dress enforcement options. 

In the software and data driven economy, it is imperative that you have clear end user license agreements and understand the implications of the terms of utilizing a potential partner’s copyrighted work.  We advise your business teams on these terms and help you develop your own layers of protection and copyright enforcement. 

Whether it’s a blockchain platform or a snipet of code from an online repository, your teams need to fully understand the terms of utilizing various open source licensed software, and how it might impact the business.  We work with you to create educational initiatives and implement open source product scans so that your business can properly leverage the value of your software development team’s work.