A Legal Platform for Business Success
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A Legal Platform for Business Success

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A Legal Platform for Business Success

Technology - Intellectual Property
Outside General Counsel


Client Focused

We are committed to aligning our incentives with yours - so that your goals become ours. This allows us to function as an extension of your team, unlike traditional external legal services providers.

Efficiency Driven

We are obsessed with efficiency and streamlined technology. We leverage the latest and greatest tools so that our focus is always on the value we contribute to your business.

Billing Certainty

We promise that you will always know what to expect on your bill. No surprises. No blown estimates. We know how important it is to manage your budget, and we view that as part of our partnership with you.

Business Centric

The law is a powerful framework for driving business success. As equal parts problem solver, risk adviser, and business partner, we help you leverage legal as a valuable business tool.

From Intangible Assets to Bottom Line Results

intellectual property

Leveraging years of varied experience, from USPTO Examiner, big-law private practice, and in-house counsel, we are your partner for licensing, counseling, and managing deals of the highest stakes, from niche markets to global campaigns.

technology transactions

The lifeblood of the modern service driven economy.  We deliver solutions that enable your team to focus on what they do best.  


We join in the view of legal as a service (LaaS) and structure engagements to meet your objectives.  Our flexibility in billing arrangements allows us to take on a broad scope of legal functions, from providing day to day counsel for your emerging company to supplementing your existing legal team.


From corporate formation, to name clearances and filing your first patent application, we are here to set your growing startup on a path to success.

Get in touch for a free consultation or to hear about our approach to legal services for the Tech + IP Industry.